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Max, you are correct.
The correct setup is for minimal clearance at "full ahead" that is what RJR calls the shortest point of the worm. Chassis dynamic loading takes care of the increased clearance when turning off center (centrifugal force and tyre vectors), the center high-spot allows for wear adjustment which, as Stuart notes, will occur mostly near center. When correctly set up, THERE IS INCREASING RADIAL SLOP ON EITHER SIDE of the worm 'short' ahead position, gradually increasing form nil at center to quite a bit at full lock. This is NORMAL, not a fault and will not be sensed during driving. It is designed for heavy oil, not grease or gelatinus "steering lube" and will reward the driver with delightfully sensitive precise steering when correctly set up with 155x15 radials!
Ask me how I know,
1 - 1 of 23 Posts