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ZF rack bush and parts advice required

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(Posted this under tech forum, but without any feedback, so have copied it here..)

I am REALLY hoping that the last knock to be eliminated from my Alfetta GT relates to the bush at the outer (passenger) end of the ZF steering rack- ie the metal (later plastic) bush in the end of the rack housing. I have already done tie rods & ends, and the rack itself seems fine.

I have seen one-only ebay source, being from Greece, offering a plastic bush WITHOUT O rings. The usual suppliers don't seem to carry the bushes.

I'm looking for leads for suppliers, and hints, tips or traps...

Is there a kit available?

Are the O rings generic/standard easily obtainable?

Is there a separate seal inside the bush?

What about lubrication? I assume it would be smart to redo after 40 years. what lube should I use?

Thanks in advance...
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you have a reply in tech forum
Thank you Sportiva. I have added a question in that same tech thread.

Moderator - would you kindly now delete this duplicate thread?
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