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WTB: Twinspark block or complete motor

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During a re-torque of the cyl. head a few hundred miles after installation I pulled/stripped a head stud from the block in my twinspark conversion motor :(:(:(!
Would entertain buying a complete motor but really only need a good block, obviously. Let's hear what you got. TIA
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Just pull the head, pull ALL of the studs - do inserts/heli-coils - and it will be BETTER than any replacement block...

At te least just heli-coil the one!

I have a complete block and head (nothing around it though) for a thousand bucks plus shipping...!
t.s engine sale.

I have a complete T.S Engine for sale...together with harness, coils,computer,alternator,starter etc....low milege via phone for price and any questions. 615-791-8176
Thanks all--- I have decided to try the above advice of JungleJustice and will attempt to heli-coil the block on at least two studs. Depends on what I find when the head comes off. One is stripped in block, one partially stripped on top end threads.:mad::( Depending on how difficult it proves to be, I would like to heli-coil all studs and make it stronger than original as I have quite a bit of time and machine work in this one. So, if anyone has tried and true tips for this task please feel free to share.
Also, decided to have a plan B, so I bought the above complete engine from Mulato. Guess I needed a Holiday project to keep me out of trouble.:D Thanks!
use the longest thread repair inserts you can find....measure the depth of the hole and fill it. You dont want the insert to go above the top face of the block or it will interfere with the head.

Use a solid insert if you can find one. Kingsert is a brand I've used. Try an industrial supply or machine shop supply or bearing house for your source. Many of the hardware store inserts are the wire strand type and are less strong.

I am a machinist, I've done this type of thing before. It's not hard, but you do want to work carefully. Keep the drill dead straight to the hole as well as your insert when you install it.

personaly id pull the engine and have a machinist helicoil it
I'd do it for you but I'm in California.
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