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WTB: Steel Fuel Lines 1974 GTV

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Ok, maybe I'm an idiot and most people go down to their local shop and have them made, but I prefer to diy. Trouble is, I don't want to bend my own lines, I just want to buy them premade and then install. Does anyone know where I can find new steel fuel lines (send and return) for fom 1974 GTV? I can't find any suppliers on the web...
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Fuel lines

Classic Tube - PreBent and Custom Stainless and OE Brake Lines and more...

They do all my brake and clutch lines. They may do fuel.You can ask.
Thanks Steve!

I have sent them a email to see what the going cost is for making the lines. Perhaps I'll have extras made and sell them online! I can't be the only person in this situation. Then again, maybe most people make the lines themselves. Certainly, another option.

Thanks again!
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