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Wtb Spider Wiper Motor

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I have a 1983 Spider with a broken part on the wiper motor. I'm going to see if a local machine shop can fix it, but I figured I'd see if anyone has a working used wiper motor that they can sell me?

Send me an email if you've got something.

[email protected]
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Now I need a headlight switch assembly

I found one on eBay that I think should work.

I also need a headlight switch assembly. IAP is charging $249 or something for that. Nothing on eBay that I can see.

Anybody have a headlight switch assembly?
wiper motor

I'm parting out a 1987 Quad Spider, I think I have a perfect wiper motor for it. Will that help? E-mail me at [email protected].
Ray Kiszely
'84 Veloce
'87 Quad
'90 Miata
Thanks, but I bought a wiper motor off of eBay.
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