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WTB: some little parts for 72 GTV

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I need in good condition:

Black rear seat for 69/71 GTV, ready to use would be nice... to match 69 black front seats
Ash Trays for rear panels
MOMO Vega rim center caps -I need all 4, but if I had 1 I could make the rest...
Instrument cluster housing/or the whole thing
Passenger side rear bumper corner
4.10 rear end, local would be nice
1 bumper over-rider rubber
Euro intake manifold/plenum/airbox etc

I'm sure there is more...

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GTV parts

I can help with the instrument cluster, bumper corner, and the rubber insert from a long-ago parted '74 GTV. I am on the east coast. Send a PM if interested.
Alfahill: I believe the 72-74 rear bumper shape is different than the "69-71.

Matt, I have the bumper end and some of the things you need. Call me as there are some details..
2 Gtv

George, The original title states that the parts are for a '72 GTV and the 72-74 bumpers are the same. He is seeking the earlier seats though. I know that the rear floor is a bit different on the '68, but I am not sure at what point they change over to the later dimensions. If he is putting the 69-71 rear seats into a '72, perhaps the dimensions changed in '69?
I'm not sure if the rear seats are the same or different between 69, 71 and 72. I suppose I could recover a 72 rear seat to match the 69 fronts. I may do the rear seat delete style, but haven't really decided. Yes, bumpers will be stock 72 bumpers, which are perfect with the exception of the passenger side rear corner.
I have some rear seat pieces: a black '71 GTV seat bottom with the original basket weave cross-channeled centers, unfortunately the smooth piece between the two seating areas does have a small tear. Also I have a black bottom and back from a GTJunior, they are usable as is, no rips, but upholstered in the junior style with vertical channels and the centers are cloth, these pieces could be reupholstered to the '71 style as they are all interchngable
Alfahill: OOPS

Thanks, I missed the heading "for a '72" and my eye went to the "rear seat for a '69-71" line. George

You write that if you had one center cap for the Momo Vega you could make the rest. How can you do that?
I have three and I am looking for one.
If I send you one can you make 4 for me as well?

Thank you!
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