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WTB Sedan Berlina or Alfetta in New England

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Looking for a fairly decent Berlina or alfetta sedan in the New England area.
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There's the Giulia 1300 Super on ebay in Maryland; it's also here on the BB, if that comes close to fitting your bill.
Alfetta or berlina sedan -New England

Thanks for the tip Andrew but Maryland a bit too far to transport for me that's why I'm lookin in the New England area. Somebody must have an old alfetta sport sedan ?

I bought my Berlina this winter

And had it shipped from Kansas. The car originated from the Los Angeles area of California and lived in Cali most of its life, then moved to Texas for a few years and did a short garage stint in Kansas before completeing its Trek across the continent to Massachusetts. It is a very rust free (totally rust free by NE standards) 1974 Berlina with a pretty rare steel Wesbasto Sunroof, it has some mechanical and electrical "needs". It does run and drive and is useable as is.

I have not started my restoration $$$ on it yet. Any ideas what your budget for "the right" Berlina might be?

And I, the other Andrew, very nearly bought that car before Andrew C did, but just couldn't make the $$ numbers work from 1900 miles away. I recall the car when it was in SoCal and it was very solid, as most there are.
Hi andrew is n.y too far i have a 73 berlina call me 516-314-1221 John
There is a maroon sedan at a Euro shop in Narragansett, RI. Looks to have not run in months. Complete, tan int is good, ext has a poor respray and prob some rust. I liked it enough to stop and look, but don't know if its for sale. PM if you'd like and I'll get the shop details for you this weekend.
hey andrewconti. is that a silver berlina from overland park? i rode in that car this past summer, enjoyed it
Yes I had it shipped from Kansas this winter

It is getting some electrical work and the sunroof fixed.
I found out the sunroof is identical to the ones found in the 79-85 Mercedes 300TD wagons

Thanks I am looking forward to driving it this summer
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