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WTB "project" Alfa in or near Colorado

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Hi guys,

Some of you might remember me from the 73 Lemans blue GTV I recently rebuilt... and sadly sold. I'm settled in my new location in Denver CO now and currently looking for the next project.

I'm looking for a GT, GTV or Giulia in "project" condition. Might also consider other Alfa models.




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Welcome to Denver! There's a fair amount of Alfa's around here although you don't see them much unless at a car show or Alfa club event. There's a festival Italiano this weekend where there should be a few Alfa's out.

The local craigslist seems to be the place most Alfa's are advertised around here. I'll keep my eyes open as well.

59 Sprint
Thanks Chuck! I work at BelMar so I'll be there for sure. I also checked out the Alfa Circo on Sunday. A lot of really nice cars!!!

By the way- I have a lead on a GTV in the midwest. I'm just checking on having it shipped. Wish me luck!
Okay, good luck on the GTV.... Keep us posted. Is that the 71?

Just down the road from you by SW Plaza.

Call the guys at Centerline to see if they have any leads on GTVs.

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