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WTB: Parts for back axle 105-series

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Hi there,

I need some new pinion bearings, diff case bearings and seals for my 1300/1600 axle.

Any tips regarding a good US sparepart distributor that maybe have these parts in stock? The bearings are quite special (and expensive).


Stian Henriksen, Norway.
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You are probably best off finding a really really good alfa mechanic to do this. The cost of the bearings is not the issue. Setting up the bearing shims and preloads is really important, and without the alfa specialty tools is really hard. It can be done with the classic red lead to examine tooth contact, and micro torque wrenches to measure the preloads, but you really need to know what you are doing.

Doing it wrong can make for unbearable noise in the diff, and lifetime of months or less.


I have used Alfaholics for many years, and they do sell the correct bearings.

Thanx for tips. Due to the strong usd-nok ratio I was hoping to find a US distributor of these parts as I need complete bearings for two axles.
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