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Recently I've bought a 1986 Alfa 33 "Quadrifoglio Verde" and it sounds absolutely shocking. This i've been told by a few trusted people is because the exhaust is more than dead. The previous owner has appeared to try to fix massive holes in it by trying to weld sheet metal onto it and even using tape in spots. :eek: Fool!

So to get to the point, I need a new exhaust/muffler [they've both been refered to] So if anyone could help me with this it would be brilliant! Even if there isnt one for sale, if someone knows where i may be able to get one or if i could use one from a different car,that would be more than helpful. :)

I'm also looking for a new speedo and tacho. Mine dont always feel like working. So again if someone has one of these, knows where to get one, or possibly how to fix it, please let me know!

Thanks heaps anyway! :D

[PS- I live in the Adelaide region of Australia. So please understand if i cant buy anything for oversea's and such.]
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