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WTB Milano lug nuts for steel wheels

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I bought a set of steel wheels with snow tires for the Verde that my son is driving in Colorado. But the regular lug nuts for alloy wheels have insufficient depth for the steel wheels. Does anyone have a used set for sale? They do not have to look pretty.
Ed Prytherch
79 Spider
88 Verde in SC
88 Verde in CO
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Long Lugs

Hey Ed, I just sent the '87 Quad to the scrap heap today but saved the wheels I bought so I could sell the Phone Dial Wheels. I've got 16 of the long
lugs from the wheels, I assume they will fit on your snow tire application,
How many do you need?
Ray Kiszely
Ray: They should work. I need 20!

I see that IAP sells them for $6.00 each. I'll sell you all I have for $15.00 plus shipping and then you could buy four more at their crazy price or just put four on each wheel in a pinch. The IAP item number is 39792
I will take them. Let me know the shipping. I think that I have your paypal address.
Long Lugs

Shipping will be $5.00. Us my PayPal account, I'll send them to you today.
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