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WTB: Looking for 91 Spider Automatic antenna

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PM me if you have one available. I also have a NEW OEM Milano Antenna PN: 605-29014 FS/Trade IF Spider Antenna is in like condition.

OR, look over my site and see if there is anything that you need in trade for a good used spider antenna.

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I'm pretty sure the Milano and Spider antennas are the same (I put OEM replacements on both my '87 Milano and my '91 Spider). IIRC, the difference is the mounting bracket that's attached to the antenna body, and you should just be able to swap that off of the old one. Maybe take a look and see if this will work.
Yeah, one would think, but nope. I guess I could install it at an angle, but the side carpet would bulge out. So I guess nobody has one? Hmmmm?


First of all, I forgot to mention that I received the fuel filler bellow for 164. Thanks.

Regarding OEM antenna for Spider, Take a look at page 39 of this file: Click Here
It shows that they have the antenna assembly, 60584091 in stock for 129.00. It's been 20 months or so since the last update of the list but I think it's worth a try.

Hope this helps,
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