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Guys - I know this is a long shot, but I also know those Alfisti's who go the track find themselves upgrading shocks now and then... and often have extra's... sitting in their garage collecting dust... so, figured I would ask here...

The Koni Catalogue notes that for my 76 Alfetta Sedan (1st Series) I'd be wanting to use the Model Numbers '80 2570Sport' on the front, and the '80 2571Sport' on the rear. These are also specified for the Milano's.. as well. So if you have taken them off a Milano - they might just fit my car.

if you have these laying around that are slightly used.. or have been taken off a car that you parted out - and are in great shape... OR even better if you have access to them new at a really good price.. please let me know...

And to all - Happy Holidays and thanks for reading my request!
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