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WTB/ISO 2000 long block

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We are trying to campaign a 1979 Alfetta GT in WRL (World Racing League), 24 hours of LeMons, and Chump Car. We're looking for a long block or complete motor. Even willing to purchase a whole donor car. Don't need a race motor. Happy to have a tired street motor. We're in Austin, Texas. Willing to come get it or pay for shipping.

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2-liter, Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce, racecar, race,
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I have good complete engine and transaxle in a rolling chassis.
The Alfetta was stripped of the body down to the floor pan with only enough sheetmetal left to hold the suspension parts togeather.
Located in New England .. engine could be pulled and freight shipped to Texas. I'd estimate freight charges at under $500.
Or .. come trailer or car-dolly the whole chassis; $750 buys the complete drivetrain still in the chassis.

GTDolak at G mail dot com
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