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Wtb-gtv6-turnsignal housings

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I need either one or both housings for front turn signals that
mount on the bumper. Also could use uncracked lenses if you have
thanks for assistance. [email protected]
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Hi Frank,

Did you still want those rubber door guard trims that I saved aside for you?

Peter in Vermont
Door guards

Thanks for note Peter, I did find a full set with all attachments in excellent shape.
Any luck with the housings or lenses?
Thanks for assistance
Hi Frank,

Good to know. I'd hadn't heard back from you on the door guards after taking an afternoon to go snag those. I'll put those on the shelf then.

The other parts you are referring to are the front parking light pods and lenses above?? Is that correct? I may have a lens or two. And perhaps some repair bits for the pods.

Hit me with a reminder via e-mail to see what I can find to help.

[email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts