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WTB - Giulia Super Excellent Condition

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I'm looking for a super in excellent condition. I don't have the time/skill to buy a project car and would like to find a really solid car to drive on the weekends with the family. I live near SF and checked out the car at It's georguos but I can't justify the 55K price. I can't even find a comp close to 40K, though there seem to be very few in this condition. Given that the owner invested over 70K in the restoration, I understand why it's so steep. Anyone have a sense for what the right price is?

Thanks for your help.

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Did you see the 1300 TI in San Diego on ebay for $22500? Nicest original car I've ever seen, at least in online pics.

Prices have been in flux lately, but generally have been on the rise, sharply for very nice cars (see the $22500 car above). I'd say a typical price for a very nice car from a private seller is $15000-20000 nowadays. Average cars are $7500-12000. Projects below that. But they can be all over the map, depending on condition, location, quality of online listing, and the like.

There were two cars offered in this thread, they may still be available.
jeffC: I have one that will be for sale soon. Sent you a message. G
An extremely nice original, rust-free Super recently sold on e-bay for $12,600. See

Carefull.... I looked at the Super @ Fastcars and it was not all original and certanly not extremely nice. The high bidder probably never saw the car in person, only took the pictures and description at face value.

The white Super in the other thread looked to be a MUCH better car and cheaper! Check the thread 'Belgium to Tacoma' for an example of a great Super.
Thanks for all the advice and leads.

I appreciate everyones help.
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