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WTB: Gearbox for 105 series

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Looking for a gearbox to fit a 105 series car.
Please send an email also when you have a racegearbox or a GTA geared gerabox for sale.

Thank you
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Mike at Besic Motorsports has a GTA styled gearbox with the O.S.Giken GTA gears and needle bearings and I believe one of the old original style GTA geared boxes. Call him @ 630-469-5626 between 10am and 6pm central. Tell him Andy sent ya.

I will call him tomorrow, Thanks
Hi Rob,

I'm just over an hour NW of you in Hagerstown. I've got a couple of 105 boxes I'd be glad to sell at $100 each, local pickup. Bellhousings extra.
Hi Bill,
hanks for the reply and offer.
Can you PM me your phone# so I can call you.

Best regards
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