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WTB Feedback on ebay S4 spider for sale

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Im interested in an S4 spider. I see a 91 sheel white spider out of virginia and a 93 black spider just posted today nov 7. The black one looks like previously advertised and sold for 15k out of Leesgurgh Va Auto Gallery. As I am very new to this Id appreciate any insight on quality mileage shape price etc....and what should one expect to pay for an S4 91-93 roughly THANKS in advance
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Re: S4

Sending you a PM.
Can you list the ebay links!

We could then check and give our comments!
Both vehicles from ebay GONE. White 91 s4 out of Va sold and other 93 S4 was a fraudulent auction item which the original owner from Leesgurgh Va had removed once he noticed that someone was trying to resell the vehicle he just sold.
Still looking for S4's for sale white black or silver....Red need not apply
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