Hello all-
I am looking for some of the small parts for a driver's side door handle for a 77 spider. As I was replacing the door limiting straps, I figured out why the driver door does not lock- the lock cylinder is not connected to the locking mechanism! I looked in the bottom of the door, but no attachment parts were found.

I'm hoping someone has a complete handle lying around they are not using. I don't actually need the handle itself- the chrome and finish on mine is fine, so if your handle has major pitting, even better! I just need the attachment pieces for the cylinder (weird washer, spring underneath, little attachment screw). Also, the little u-shaped spring that keeps the outer handle pulled into the body when not in use is broken so the handle flops around.

I would be glad to just buy the parts, or a complete handle assembly that is pitted so I can pull of the parts I need.

Here is a photo with the missing or broken parts highlighted. The smaller yellow circle is where the broken retracting spring is located.

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Thank all-