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WTB carburetor rubber flanges for 102 series Alfa (1960)

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We are restoring the engine of a 1960 alfa series102 (2 liter) and need at least one of the carburetor rubber flanges that mount the Solex PH44 carbs to the intake manifold. The one we need is for cylinder number 1 (or 3) although we would consider buying a set if necessary. Of course, I think that the same flanges are used on cylinders 1,3,5 of the 106 series (2600cc).

Time is of the essence here, so it would help if the part was in California. We are in Ventura.


Joe Niederst
[email protected]
805 223 3256
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You can buy a new matched set here: COPPIA 2 SUPPORTI CARBURATORI ALFA ROMEO 2000 2600 ' 60 su Alfa Romeo, Ricambi Auto d'Epoca, Auto ricambi e accessori

It seems unlikely that you'll find one new one anywhere, and installing a used one is a pretty questionable choice, in my opinion.

Good luck
They usually come in pairs and have become quite expensive. Here are the ones OKP sells.
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