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WTB: Carbtune or mercury manometer

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Hello, my Alfa mechanic wants me to buy for him a carbtune or a mercury manometer so he can balance the carbs of the cars that are coming to his new shop. I bought for him a very useful synchrometer which we used with my colortune and worked great, by car is very smooth, and it stanted a very low idle without pinging.

I think he wants the manometer since it would make the job faster and he tunes various alfas, mainly alfasud and sprint veloce (both boxered) since those are fairly common here or were. Also I think alfa used manometers to tune their early fuel injection (someone who has a 33 boxered told me so), so this device would help many peruvian alfa owners:D

Why the used market? A new Carbtune costs about 120 US dollars, if you add the freight to Peru and the sale taxes (19%) and tarrifs (13%) its lots of money, so we can get a good used one for much less. I have searched ebay in the Uk, but seems that the British don`t want to send their products offshores.

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I bought the carbtune from UK couple weeks ago without any shipping issues.

check out the syncpro from Motion Pro

Motion Pro Tools - SyncPro<sup>™</sup>
I just picked one up and will use it this week-end. It works just like the carbtune. I don't know if they'll ship it to Lima though.
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