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WTB - Alfa Giuilia Super

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I have started looking for a Giuilia Super - preferably in good condition - restored or original. Would rather an early one too.

Where's the best place too look?

And how much might I need to pay??


And I live in Brisbane...
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You can have my Berlina.. :)

If you want good condition I think you should have 10K handy.
I'll have to say that your Berlina looked lovely - especially the colour.
I am not a great fan of white cars...

But am after a Guilia!!

Thanks though.
they dont come up particularly often, but you see the odd one on ebay like this one, reserve not met at $6200
Ebay Super

There was a couple sold out of the AROCQ club classifieds last year. I hope you find one though, I think theyre great:cool: I drive mine everyday to work. Its very reliable and is in slowly improving condition:p
I emailed him asking for a fe more photos especially the rust - but he didnt get back to me.

If I could have got too Melbourne???

But I am too nervous to buy any car sight unseen...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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