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WTB 87-91 Veloce or Quad

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Looking for clean driver in the FL/GA area but may go beyond for right car. I'm not looking for either a project or show car, just something in good shape at a reasonable cost to drive around town. Thanks...nu2alfa
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89 Alfa Quad Red - Augusta, Ga

'89 Red Alfa Spider Quadrifolio to sell


This car is in great condition. It was garaged for about 8 years, but all repairs due to neglect have recently been made. I don't know a lot about Alfa Romeos, but this car ROCKS! I hate to sell it, but we have two kids and it's not realistic. 29,000 miles. Hardtop. AC . CD player.
I haven't looked at the ragtop, but it may have a few scratches or tears.
I don't have an asking price. I am open to offers.


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Nu2alfa, i just sent you a PM.
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