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Greetings -

I am the proud owner of an 86 Quad with 16,000 miles on her. I have owned her for about 6 months and love her to death. mechanically, I have her running at 100%. The paint is original and cleaned up well with some compound and polish. The car has 0 rust on her which I am very happy about.

There are however several dings on the panels and several scratches that will not buff out. My goal is to have her re-sprayed in the original red color she came in and bring her back to showroom (not concourse) glory.

In preparation, I am looking for a single source whee I can buy the side pininfarinna emblems, side Quadrifoglio emblems as well as the Spider/cloverleaf emblem for the rear spoiler. I have already purchased the Alfa Romeo emblem for the front grill and trunk.

Can anybody advise me where to look ? I am looking for top quality materials. I've tried the usual sources, centerline, IAP etc... I can find bits here and there but prefer to deal with one vendor if that is at all possible.

Many thanks

Jeff Radovich:)
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