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WTB 83-85 Spider in SF Bay Area or CA

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I posted this in the Classifieds, but thought I'd make it visible here too:

A friend of mine is buying his first Alfa and is looking for an ’83-85 Spider with a solid maintenance history and preferably not red. The car would ideally be located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He may be interested in an ’82 Spider as I believe that’s the first model year with Bosch injection. He likes the interior aesthetics of these years (dual binnacle speedo/tach), but may be interested in ’86-90s as well.

Any leads and pictures would be appreciated. Please post for all to see.


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Dave, how about an off-white 88? It's more of a cream color...
Turns out my friend just picked up a late 70's Fiat Spider. Kind of a spontaneous purchase as the guy had a few Alfas for sale, but the Fiat stole his heart. Thanks for your suggestion.
Poor Guy

Thats like settling for the fat girl at 2AM !!! Hopefully it came with a smog certificate..............Viva Alfa
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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