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I'm converting my ITB Spider to Vintage and want to buy an already prepared race engine, preferably fresh not beat up. If you have just a cylinder head or just the bottom end with performance pistons/liners/rings, that's OK too.

I have cash and/or NOS Milano or GTV-6 or 164 parts to trade.

A race engine already built for SVRA or SCCA would be optimal.

I'm in Orlando, FL.


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Near you. Contact Richard Jemison. Specializes in 2L's. 850-516-3847. Tell him I sent you.

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I have two prepared 2 liter race heads on the shelf. Race ported, big valves, Isky springs, clearanced for up to .500 lift. Cams not installed yet.

2 sets of 85mm 12.5 to one Ross pistons, hand fitted to liners complete with light pins and Hasting ring package

Crankshaft with counterweights rounded, and crank balanced

Block with oiling on all 5 main journals.
Will sell parts for you to assemble or I will assemble (as time allows)

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