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WTB 1958 Giulietta Veloce Block

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A rare item, and let's be honest -- who doesn't want one?! I have a 1958 Giulietta Spider Veloce in my garage and it has a Normale block... All other parts are Veloce. Car was raced for some time and must have thrown a rod with the previous owner. Wanting to get it back to stock for street use. Anyone with a lead, please contact me. Willing to pay cash for a good, clean block. Prefer 1958, but any 1315 will do. Thanks!
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try this Alabama but he is not there .. too complicated to go there. He claims it is a '57 but numbers say '58.. complete (sort of) engine but "weathered"..including carbs... a real crap shoot if you can't inspect it.

[email protected]

Well intentioned soul but looks nasty in some of the photos I have seen.
I might be able to help. Email to regular mail - [email protected]
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