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wtb. 164 left front hub assy, abs.

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my left front hub has a few stripped threads on it, so I need a new one (with bearing race). also need replacement/spare wheel bolts (10 ideally) for use with factory alluminum rims.

needs to be compatible with a 91 alfa 164L, fully loaded, so guessing it has a.b.s.

email [email protected] if you have any for sale and can help me get my alfa back on the road. (love the car, almost painfull to drive anything

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I have all that you need hub and wheel studs but shipping is going to be high the hub is on the heavy side.
estimated total?

give me an estimate for the total price...hub, lug bolts, and shipping. most reliable for the money on shipping may be fed-ex ground.

ship to new orleans, la.

Hub and bolts $50 + actual shipping. I paid $100 for one from APE some months back.
find out weight and size of package for actual shipping. get paid wends, so can send out a money order then to cover costs.

have one offer for $75 including shipping, will go with the best deal. does it come with a good bearing race, or will I have to press mine out and install it?

have two offers pending (located closer, so less shipping cost) for $75 including shipping. let me know the overall condition and how total cost will compare.

much thanks.

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