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WTB: 164 fuel door

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Unbroken fuel door wanted. Preferably 2 of, as my buddy up the road got hit too :mad:

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Good luck. I just started painting my new (old!) one tonight. Broke the old one a few weeks ago and bought a 2nd hand one off a red 164. Only just got around to priming it tonight.

Have you tried Milano Spares in Thomastown (Vic)? That is where this red one came from.

What are are they actually made from? I noticed the broken one seemed to be made from a fibreglass type material of some kind.
**** - I needed a red one too...

Kidding :p

Will try Milano, have Ian @ Turin imports trying to source a couple of new ones at the moment.

I believe they're a high-impact resin. Same stuff gets used in GOOD outdoor furniture (not the cheap PVC knock-off ****e)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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