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Wrecking Lancia Beta HPE/ Alfa Romeo 75/33/164

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Hi all,

I am wrecking some cars if anyone needs anything as I need to clear out my storage block. I have the following I am willing to wreck;

1982 Lancia Beta HPE.
Has a good motor and gearbox. Engine was rebuilt 100,000kms ago according to the history. It has all the headlights and tail lights and trim.

1987 Alfa Romeo 75 2.5v6
Only some interior bits remain, some body panels, motor and gearbox are left. I drove the car there some years ago where it has remained since. Was a runner at the time but has some parts missing from the engine electrics. Also not sure if the diff is 4:1

1989 Alfa Romeo 164 3litre v6
Heads were redone before the car was written off. Has always been well maintained since my uncle serviced the car since new.

Some other italian car parts such as lancia thema 16valve turbo manifold, fiat 132 tail lights, fiat 128 dash, fiat 128 rally bumper, heaps of 164/alfetta clusters etc, 10548 camshafts, brake calipers etc.

Here is the link to the album with some photos.
Car Parts pictures by angelo156 - Photobucket

PM/reply if you need anything.


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do you have alfa 75 front brakes ?
do you want calipers or discs/pads?
calipers discs and pads.

what condition are they all in ?
also email sent
What email? I havn't got any yet?
how much for brakes ? whats there condition ? and how much for the pully
Angelo did you get my last pm ?

Thanks chris
hi i was wondering if the lancia was an h.p.executive (late model grille) or the standard h.p.e.? im after the indicator/wiper/etc column controls. (both sides). also if the passenger door was not too rusty and relatively straight id be interested in that aswell, perhaps the passenger guard aswell, and if i put my mind to it a plethora of other odds and sods.
Angelo do you have msn at all or an email so i can have a chat.
ricktas i have just sent you an email.

storm pm me and i will give it to you.
I am interested in the Alfetta parts
Cheers Steve
Hi whitegt, I have some alfetta parts including some body panels, mechanical bits and interior components. PM me what you need and i will see what i can do/find for you
Do you still have the door cards from the 75 2.5lt is it an 1987 car??
Hi alphie,

Sorry but i sold the door cards on ebay about a month ago. I still have a few other things like headlights, taillights, interior trim, engine, gearbox and body panels.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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