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Would you mind if...

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... I posted my motor cycle for sale on the bb and if not should it be in the cars section or elsewhere? I don't want to rankle feathers by just doing it and then asking for forgiveness later :)
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As long as it's a Bimota, Cagiva, Ducati, Laverda, or Moto Guzzi, no sweat.:)
It is a V Twin :) A Buell...
I clearly remember this type of question coming up before, related to a non-Alfa vehicle being offered in the "Alfa Romeo Cars for Sale" forum. It came up because several members questioned the "improper use" of the forum because a member was offering a non-Alfa vehicle. Several members responded and stated that this had come up before, and that it was OK for a member to post non-Alfa vehicles in the forum. Of, course, you should follow Simon's sticky instruction to use "FS" in the thread title.

I guess I should state this clearly: I also think it is fine for a member to advertise a non-Alfa vehicle in the "Alfa Romeo Cars for Sale" forum.

Best regards,
It is a V Twin :) A Buell...
You could always offer a free GTV6 with every purchase. Now that you mention it, I might offer a truckload of Berlina parts with the sale of my Triumph to a bb member. You will need a replacement for the Buell, right?;)
Thanks guys! I need to open up some garage space and currently the bike is behind the GTV6 and my 63 Impala takes up the other half of a very small garage. I feel like a valet moving 164, bike, GTV6, bike back in.... Repeat in reverse at night.. I'll post in FS section. Oh and I may grab a Triumph Daytona 675 in the next year but for now I'll be on four wheels only.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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