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Dear AlfaBB Friends,

I want to explain our policies regarding shipping costs.

Our website automatically calculates the shipping costs for countries in the European community and for Italy.

Currently, there is an ongoing promotion for shipments to Italy and to the European Countries.
I have already explained the promotion in two posts prior to this one, and therefore I invite you to read them for more information.

In this post, I want to be more precise about the shipping costs for orders to countries outside the European Community.

Before the covid-19 emergency, all orders over 1000,000 Euros were shipped free of charge to countries outside the European community. Shipments were delivered on time and at low cost.

During the Covid health emergency, the Italian post office and its contacts in other states presented inefficiencies and errors in deliveries. We therefore had to change courier, relying on DHL, a courier that delivers quickly and offers an excellent service.

Some of you are wondering why we calculate the shipping costs after the order.
This happens, because we have not yet integrated the cost table for the rest of the world on our website
I understand that this uncertainty of transport costs can be a problem.
We are working to supplement DHL's costs for all countries around the world.

It happens that some customers add other parts to their orders, while we are still producing and preparing the goods.
At the moment, we give the customer the option to add other items to the package before shipping.
It would not be possible to do this, if the shipping costs were calculated directly on our site.

I remain available for any requests and questions, directly to my email address:
[email protected] or [email protected].

Thanks for your attention.

Kind regard,

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Thanks for the information dude but in these past months I switched from DHL to ems shipment tracking. The main reason is because ems shipment tracking has a tracking system that allows you to know the whereabouts of your packages pretty much 24/7 and DHL doesnt. Besides, they have lost so many of my stuffs (nothing too expensive luckily, but still). Oh, and not to mention the fact that they promised they would send me the compensating fee but I haven't received anything at all.
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