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Hello alfisti! We cant wait for the driving season to begin up here!

As for now, I ve searched the forum and could not find the answer that i was looking for. My question is this, What is the best shop manual to own for a 105 series spider 1750? I have Pat Bradens Bible and Brooklands owners workshop manual. The bible is good for history and perhaps resto info as well as tech data. The brooklands is ok but the pictures are terrible and not everything is covered-i.e how to remove rear handbrake shoes. I was contemplating the Composite Workshop Manual-out of the UK-but have read good/bad about this one(it's the red covered manual). I need something that has good diagrams, pictures and covers everything-if thats possible. I find the Brooklands to be merely adequate.

thanks in advance!
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I have the CD copies from Car Disc. The usual Alfa Suppliers also sell the CD. It has copies (.pdf files) of all the relevant Alfa Shop manuals, TSB's, Owner's Manuals, even some period advertising. Other than having actual pages to thumb through (with your greasy hands...) it is a good deal.

Add PapaJam's awesome color coded wire diagrams and you'll have everything you'd likely need. I took my digital copy of the wire diagram to an office supply store and had them print out an 11"X17" color copy then plastic laminate it. Cost $5 or $6.
I considered the cd type. I would like an old fashioned paper book though. I have a laminated wire diagram that I bought on ebay-very useful.
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