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My first post on any forum.
I've owned my late 1993 33 1.7i.e. for 6 years and touch wood, nothing has gone wrong and the bodywork is free of rust. I bought her from the first owner when she had just over 33k miles. I have added another 7k. I have just had her back from the garage having had all of the engine and gearbox seals and gaskets replaced plus a new water pump and timing belt kit added. While gearbox was out, I had them replace the second gear synchro ring. I supplied them with all the parts which I got from Thanasis, an Alfa specialist based in Athens. I can't speak highly enough of him.
Now that she's almost where I want her to be, my next job is have the under bonnet wiring appearance sorted. It looks a complete mess now the engine has been refitted. While everything works the cables etc look like a dogs dinner. Has anyone any experience of doing similar?
As I'm sure you can gather I'm no mechanic but I want to know what to expect when its done other than the obvious e.g positioning of cables in specialist trunking?

I live in Jersey, Channel Islands so there aren't exactly many specialists here.


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