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I like to use this medium to communicate with all of you whom have purchased wire harnesses from me and are currently in the process of installation. I will be happy to assist you as much as possible during your installation process. My first suggestion is to go to my website at and open the tap for wiring reviews - there you will find an article published a few years back by Dave Miracle Jr. that appeared on the European Car Magazine. The article is very informative and will assist you with the installation process in addition to covering most of the basic issues for first-time installers. For additional assistance, I can be reached during evenings and weekends at 972-849-6306 and I will be happy to provide additional assistance. I sincerely appreciate your business.
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Wiring Harness for a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce:

I stared at the harness long enough! Following the wiring schematic was frustrating because it made no pretense of resembling the reality of the physical relationship to the car, only the electrical connectivity. The colors, however, were very useful. I used three commonly available wiring diagrams*, an Alfa Romeo Technical drawing and an excellent article by Dave Mericle on to come up with the following:

Lay the harness out on the garage floor and locate the section that does not have any sheathing or plastic covering over it. This is the Raw Wire Bundle (1). Orient it so the longest lead (2), and leads (3) and (4) are on the right. Leads (6) (7) and (8) should be on the left. Open both doors and center the harness Raw Wire Bundle under the dash. Tuck the bundle up onto the ledge under the cowl and position it so that the largest bundle of wires (5) is located just above the fuse block.

On the right side, locate the access hole (A) above the ledge. Of course, it is not very conveniently located. Note that you have to route the wiring over the ledge and then down to the access hole. Start with the longest lead, (2), and carefully thread it through the access hole through the firewall. It is wise to tape any stray connectors or wires with blue painters tape before attempting this. This is more of a push-and-pull effort than a PULL effort. If you pull hard from the engine compartment side without first pushing a little slack, you may skin or damage the sheath or conductors. If you can get one hand under the dash and one in the engine compartment you can minimize such damage. Carefully thread leads (3) and (4) in the same manner.

On the left side there is even less room to work with and more wire to get through the access hole. Start with lead (7) and, after taping down errant wires and connectors, carefully feed it through access hole (B). Again, it is behind the ledge and also has the steering column support close by. Now thread (6) and (8) through the access hole.

Route the individual leads of the harness as shown in the attached diagram, following the remains of the original wiring harness or its trail of clips and hold-downs. The rest is up to you!

Good Luck and Godspeed.

Terry Rushbrook
[email protected]

*Wiring diagrams from Lionel Velez, or, or contact me for a PDF file.


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