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My Berlina 2000 restoration project is running for 1 year now. This time, I decited to restore the wipers system ( I can't live with this speed, you know...) and the nightmare named heater system ('cause I didn't have any motion of the blower at all).
The wipers system finished, the Bosch motor was restored and lubricated while the brackets were painted and the gear was also lubricated. After all these, the system is near perfect, a very good and a faster motion indeed! I gave new conection plugs and a spare ground, too. The only thing now is to get those round rubbers dedicated for joints protection (see photo, the protection is missing, they were there but became with the help of grease like a gum). So, does anybody knows where I can find these? Any DIY?

As for the heater, Yes, I finally took it off! Just for the story, look at the photo how the Bosch blower motor looks like. Part of this situation has to do with the undrilled bottom of the heater. So, I drilled four small holes under the motor case, just in case. I was lucky and prepared, since I had restored a different ( but same in size motor) in case the original motor was really dead. The new motor ( don't know what it is, a different than the Bosch), had a different fan in shape . I tested the new motor with both fans, find that the small black fan spins more better than the cylindrical (from the Bosch), while seemed forced more air. Strange, because the original fan looked more macho.


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