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I have to install the windshield on my '67 Duetto and I have two issues:

1. The catalog requirement is for 7 clips (I have these), and two separate ones for the ends of the trim ring.
Are the 2 end clips available? (

The other 7, I do have.

2. The door glass trim strips use 5 clips per side, to attach to the body.

Are these available? All I have is 4 rusty ones, missing 6. (

If anyone has faced these issue, as most of that vintage probably have, I would really appreciate your ingenious tips and solutions.

Regards, Alberto


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I've recently done both the door & the screen trim but on a 1974 Spider Junior. Doors will be the same but I'm not 100% sure on the screen. I did away with the clips completely on the doors and used some of the windscreen sealant (NOT SILICON SEALANT) to keep them in place. Doesn't scratch the paint and you can position them well and they hold on fine. I think its better than original. As for the screen, I didn't realise there were different clips for the end and used the "middle" ones over the whole length/width of the chrome strip however the very ends are screwed down on my car which may be different to your car. Hint, I used a 1mm plastic shim placed into the clip (where the chrome strip goes) as a guide to help get the chrome strip in. Once in I just pulled the shim out. The chrome strip seamed to fit easier that way
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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