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Winscreen wipers...

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Does anyone know if new windscreen wipers are available for the 33? Mine are a Bosch wiper and Im just after the part that clips to the arm and holds the rubber blade, one of mine lost a bit of a clip that holds the blade and is now threatening to scratch the windscreen... I seem to remember seeing them somewhere new for other cars but everyone I talk to seems to think they are unavailable. Anyone know of a good Bosch reseller?
Also are the ones from a series 1 33 the same as series 2 33's?
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Go to super cheap and get the 'Auger' replacement ones with the 'air blade' they help when your moving:)
I'll have a look! :D Im pretty sure I can find new Bosch ones though. You see all sorts of Bosch parts for sale for all sorts of older cars, and Im pretty sure Ive seen Bosch wiper refills with the blade rubber and the part that holds the rubber, as they just clip onto the people know what I mean??
geezez.. Whats wrong with your bosch-distributor? We got boschwipers on almost every gas-station here.. I run 5mm longer than originals, works fine.. Normal price here is 50 AUD for a pair, but my local shop only takes 16 AUD.. :D
Im going to try a few more places this coming week...they have to be available...
You can buy brand new Bosch blades complete at super cheap. I have just replaced all the blades for my 33's, cost about $20-00 for both cars. Comes with all the clips etc.
Got em! Tried supercheap and got a new set. Now I have two uses for supercheap, oil and wipers! :D Hoorah!
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