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Windshield Wipers

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This pertains to a 1974 Alfa Spider US model.

Ok anyone know of a way to directly wire the windshield wiper switch to the wiper motor and to bypass the foot switch??? I have bought a new wiper motor and a new switch and still can not get the wiper motor to respond. I have a feeling it has something to do with the foot switch. I just want something crude for now so I can get the car inspected. I will worry about the foot switch later.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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I recently put relays into this circuit in my '72.
If you refer to you'll find the wiper wiring diagram that I amended.
I don't know if the wire colors are the same on your '74, though.
Check to make sure that all of the connectors are where they should be, then I think that at a minimum you should take the cowl panel off (under the wiper arms) and check to see if the motor itself is at fault.
The connector (marked 1234 in the diagram) is under that panel. Use a 12V jumper wire to the red or green wires (on the motor side) and if the motor doesn't move, that's your problem.
If you want to bypass the foot switch you can run temporary wires from the console switch straight to the connector at the motor (replacing the blue and gray wires).
Having said all that, if the motor doesn't even go slow right now, I would suggest that the either the motor's bad or your wiring's messed up, since the foot switch only makes it go at high speed.

'72 Spider
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Thanks for your input. When I am feeling more ambitious I will definitely reside your way.

For now to contribute to the forum. I will let everyone know problem is fixed. Upon further inspection I found the terminals that connect into the foot switch were pushed into the wiring harness plug. I used some needle nose pliers and pulled the terminals out so they will make a connection. Also I used silicon grease to ensure a nice easy contact was made when I plugged in the foot switch.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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