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Windshield Washer pump

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Anyone know how to get the correct, or easy-to-fit replacement for the windshield washer pump? All of the ones I have, or have looked at, have the inlet and outlet spaced inconveniently. It would help even to get a picture of the original.
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Don, I posted this a few weeks ago and it seems to work fine for the Monty.
Sorry, Don. Jumped the gun. You are looking for the pump....what I bought had the bottle and the pump. Doubt just that pump would work.
The original Montreal windshield washer solution pump was made by Nippon. The one I have leaks like a sieve, as you can see in the attached photograph. I don't know if it can be tightened up, by crimping the little metal tabs tighter, or rebuilt. Apparently the blue washer solution is a little corrosive to the plating on the pump!

It helps to soak the ends of the clear tubing in very hot water before attempting to slide it over the nipples. The kit of 'double spring clamps' from eBay had the perfect size clamp for this application but that may vary with the thickness of your clear tubing.

Turquoise Metal

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I hope to repair the crack in the OE bottle I found. It's at a top corner, so is mainly cosmetic. A little deft work with clear epoxy might get it.

Giorgio has an Italian-made pump that should work. Pumps are a dime a dozen, but none I've found over here have a workable configuration. If its like other stuff from Giorgio, his should be fine.

Meanwhile, my small midrange/tweeter pod mounted on the lower kick panel blocks access to the pump switch anyway. The pods are held in place by two screws and easily removable leaving no trace, but I guess my choice, for a while at least, will be driving in nasty, muddy conditions or enjoying a full 5 channel wave of motivating tunes.

Easy choice.
You have a choice of 2 from AutohausAZ, both a near drop-in fit. One is VDO brand and the other is the cheaper Uro. Part # 92862807401URO. Only mod is to slot the holes in the original pump bracket to accommodate the extra length. Wiring plug is the same. Pressure is great.
I received a pump from Giorgio yesterday. It's an Italian-made unit. Reasonable price. Minor work to install. Thanks for the tips. I'll check them out in case they're an easier fit.
Hi Don,

Would you please post a photograph of the pump that you received from Giorgio and describe how well it fits?

He has not replied to my last two emails asking about 'rubber trim pads' that go between the rear bumper segments. Probably too much work to remove and disassemble the bumper anyway... Would anyone have a source for these parts?

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