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I was washing spidey yesterday and as I was rinsing the hood, I noticed little pieces of black stuff coming out from under the trim piece that runs along the bottom of the windshield (The one that's secured by two screws, one on each side of the car). I then noticed that there was a fairly large gap b/t the trim and the car, so I peered underneath and noticed that a lot of rubber was disintigrating along the bottom of the windshield. I also noticed that the clips that remained were rusted and bent all out of shape. I pressed on a clip with my pinky finger and it simply broke off. Good news is that there was no rust on the car, just the flimsey little clips.

Question 1: Is the rubber that's disintegrating just the $64 windshield trim for sale at IAP?
Question 2: Where can I get replacement clips for the trim piece (couldn't find them on centerline or IAP), and how are they affixed to the car?
Question 3: Is this a common problem?


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