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Windscreen / Windshield chrome trim

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Wonder if anyone can please help with some info ?.

When I first purchased my race car project it didn't come with any glass. I bought some second hand 'screens and new rubbers from either Classic Alfa or Alfaholics (I've forgotten which one).

I never fitted any chrome trim as I didn't have it and neither of the above outfits supply it.

Does anyone know if the front and rear trim is available?. Or if there is a plastic version that will fit in place of the original - I'm guessing that it was maybe originally stainless steel?.

I've run the car without this fitted with no problems but it doesn't look right!. Any help would be much appreciated. Can anyone take a pic of the cross section of the Alfa part with some dimensions?

Many thanks, Simon.
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Giulia sedan? I don't think anyone's making it, but the same trim was used on all Giulias and all non-US Berlinas, so parts places and junkyards other than in the US might be the way to go. Check Classic Alfa or Alfaholics? Maybe OK Parts and Hurtienne too?

I took some pics that show the profile and dimensions. I think most trims are alu made with stainless steel corner pieces as the one in the pictures.


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