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1993 164 Super 24V 340.000km

I just had the front of the car on jackstands and noticed that the bottom of the windscreen has separated from the frame. The bottom of the windscreen can be pressed about 5mm without a lot of force and the bottom weatherstipping is loose. When the car is on its wheels the windscreen seems to be wedged in place, there is no movement and the weatherstripping is tight.
I am wondering if the bonding failure is a result of excessive body flex or on improperly bonded windscreen?

The windscreen was put in in september of 2017 when the car was repainted. When the car was painted the windscreen was removed and the frame was sandblasted and epoxy-primed the take care of some rust at the top of the windscreen.
The car is not rusty, and has not had any structural rust repair in the front end, and i haven't found any signs of accident damage.
The doors open and close fine and has not been adjusted in the time that i have owned the car (since january of 2017). When the front is on jackstands the doors are not as smooth as normal, but i don't see noticeable difference in the gaps.

What are your thoughts on this? anything i should look for? I suspect a failure of the windscreen adhesive or the paint below

I am working on having the windscreen removed and reglued, but it is most likely gonna crack during removal so it will most likely be replaced.
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