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Window Motor Resistance

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Driver side window won't move. I measured resistance at motor cable and got 5.5ohms. Hooked up a remote battery ang got a little groan in each direction but no movement. Resistance is now 280ohms. Since there is no load on motor when checking resistance, I think the motor is bad. What do y'all think?
Thanks in advance.
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The first thing I'd suggest would be to clean and lubricate the cables that raise & lower the window. When I got my spider, the passenger side window wouldn't move at all. A very thorough cleaning and lubrication of the cable took care of it like a champ. I used brake cleaner or paint thinner on a rag to clean it, and water proof silicon lubricant after the cleaning. Made a world of difference.
I'll give it a shot this afternoon!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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