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window madness - switches

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Me Rex has kindly offered to bring me a set of 4 switches. Yes bring me as next month he's coming to Italy and we get the pleasure of his company for a couple of days. Anyway here's what the series one look like. The plug allows fitment only one way. The 2 loose bits ride on the raised clips inside the switch you can make out over the center flat metal part. On the switch proper, those 2 brass looking things are spring loaded and ride in the V. Toggle the switch and one contact contacts while the other raises - as best I can figure. Anyway it is very fiddly to put it all back together as the 2 strips slip easily and come a loose under the brass looking things. Anyway I think I can work with Rex's or stay hot trying...ciao jc


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Wow. These are completely different. We are going to need the plugs from the parts car as well as the switches, as the US switches won't fit on those plugs.

Do your window switches plug into a little panel that clips into the center console? I am thinking we may want to replace that entire panel if we can, so that we can be sure the switches will clip in nicely.

beats me...I'll go outside and have a look and "report findings" in a bit. Thanx. ciao jc
Mr. Chris. Take a look at this little panel that clips into the center console on the US cars. This auction also clearly shows the pin configuration on the switches.

Alfa Romeo 164 Power Window Switch Controls Part 96 300 690 | eBay

Mr. Chris:

Here is a pic of the center console from a US car. The switch panel plugs into the opening on the left side closest to the shift lever cover.

Hopefully your console will have a similar opening.



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Are your rear windows manual and fronts power? AND yes those switches are way different from ones we have in our 91-93 164s.
rears are manual old skool wind up type. Not the same as the one on EBay. Here's a pic of my console with the blanking plates pulled out. The lattice type work is cast as part of the console it appears The other switch is for the door locks so 2 window and one door locker doohickey. Also how spark plug(s) should look on a well running engine. ciao chris


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is that shift boot in good shape? wink wink....ciao chris
Shift Boot

It may be sold. I will let you know.

I think we can fit a USA switch panel into your console.
I think so as well. We have touring to do, not work on my car....I'm thinking San Danielle for proscuito, Vensone and some of the northern kinda stuff but that's subject to change. ciao jc
Chris, Your shift boot looks like its vinyl. Our is leather. We may be able to get you a good one here in the States.
I managed to clean out all of my switches, and they are still fine. If nothing else works out, try cleaning yours out. They tend too get dirty within due to carbon tracking (as did all of the buttons on my Volvo), This 3 electrode plug look nifty. My Madza RX7 took them as well.
LOL, cleaning is what got me into trouble in the first place!! I didn't realize they were different than the US ones so figured I'd take the top off. remove the film and spray them good with WD40 ala most everyone else here on the BB. Trouble was and I should have stopped when I saw no film and said to myself "top didn't just pop off". Akin to saying "I didn't know the gun was loaded". So I spent a good hour or more reassembling the first one and got it doing what it should and figured "I'm a pro now, lets take the second one apart"... So, what do they say about bad choices? Anyway I have one in pieces again and one in the car that I use very gingerly cause with my luck it will dump when the window is full down and I'll be stuck. Oh well. Mr Steve found a set for sale in Aussieland that are exact on eBay so I'm gonna try and figure eBay out as well so all my bases will be covered. Life's grand but I'll take this as I dont have to fiddle with steppers, rust or timing belts.

re. the boot, yea mine is a bit raggedy. I dont think it's leather either but it's not too high on my list of stuff to fiddle with. I have a beautiful piece of glove leather in the proper color that Susan is gonna make 2 boots from, the other for RCMostro. She doesn't know this yet. She's pretty crafty with the sewing machine. ciao chris
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Switches, boot

Yes, they are a pain to get back into place but it can be done. I did not use wd40, I cleaned up the contacts and put a dab of oxy grease (dielectric grease but black that is used to mate copper with aluminum contacts in wiring uses) and that also keeps things from sliding around when trying to assemble.
Came across a nice, black boot with red stitching from a (91, 92?) 164 in the local yard. Tried and tried but could NOT pull off the shifter knob.
if you work with the "new" switches, send me your old one and I will try to get it back together for you. We paisans have to stick together.
Thanx. I can get them back together using the method you suggest. They just dont hold together once they have been toggled a few times. The little strip contacts slip out. I bought a set Mr Steve turned me onto from a bb'er Aussieland on eBay so I have a set of original series one type coming as well as what Mr Rex brings across the pond (yes a pun) next month so I'll have plenty. Ciao jc
Seriously. For a glass of vino... and the ticket to Italy, I will be glad to rebuild the switch for you. Just saying.
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