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Wind shield wiper moter?

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How do I get to the wiper motor? If anyone has photos, please include them.:confused:
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Is this on a GTV or Spider? Either way, remove the wipers, plastic covers, and hold down nuts. Then any trim and holdd-down screws for the cowl cover in front of the windshield. Then pry it up gently away from the windshield. Maybe be tougher on a GTV with glued winshield. Once the cowl is out of the way, the wiper mechanism and motor are there as a unit.

Here is a shot with the cowl off. Hope this helps. You'll have to unbolt the wiper assembly to get at the motor. I cleaned the joints of the assembly and greased them. The wipers now go slow rather than really slow! :D

If you remove the motor from the wiper assembly, take note of the position of the rotating bar that mounts the motor to the assembly. I can't remember if I took this shot before or after I fixed it's position. You'll know it's wrong if the wipers go down rather than up.. :eek:


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Can anybody tell me how to grease the pivot points on the wiper assembly? Mine have some type of rubber grommet that has become old and sticky. I was wondering if it is possible to open the pivot point, grease it and put in a new seal. Anybody tried this?

I have seen two types of pivots - one can be disassembled, and the other can not. The one you can take apart has snap rings visible on the top surface. The other style seems to have been crimped together at the factory, and I wouldn't advise messing with it.

How bad are your pivots? Squirting some oil on the outside will no doubt bring lubricant to the bearing surfaces. But if the bearing material has begun to fall apart, then you will need to replace it. I doubt the non-metallic pieces are available anywhere, and again, if your pivots don't come apart, then even if they were available... Finding a used rack assembly in better condition is probably your best bet. One from anyplace other than Vancouver is likely to have seen less use. Of course, I shouldn't be so smug - the plastic on mine died from the heat and sun that filtered through the slots in the bodywork here in sunny California.
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What makes you think it rains a lot in Vancouver? I can think of three or four days this year when it did not rain at all!
Thanks for the feedback. Mine appear to be the "sealed at the factory" type. Does no one rebuild them? Anybody have a used one they would sell me?
I just finished the wipers assembly. It is a Bosch type, a very good a strong system. Suffers only of the open in the air and for what ever else comes via the cowl. If yours is a Bosch, it is easy to get it restored. Open all the safety clips and lubricate all the joints etc, with a very good lubricant, an especially for this purpose. As far as for the messy rubbers used for dust protection, I looked EVERYWHERE found nothing. But, don't panic. It is not a big deal to lubricate once in a year the system. Just in case, today instead of these rubber cups I found some proper in dimension O rings, they give a good protection. When you are involved in restoration of the system, check for any distortion on the rows. More over, you can adjust the sytem via the end gears (loose the nuts on the main bar, there is some tolerance in fitting). More precise lubrication might be done after the cowl is taken of. After my restoration the wipers are so smooth and really fast! I was so bored to see them going round'd'round like a drunk street hassle... look also at :
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No big deal for the mentioned position of the main small and flat motor's bar , before and after. It is always moving circular. You can adjust the wipers at the end of the jod. Just put the wipers on the right teeth.
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