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..doe's the boot for the top cost as much or more then the top??:confused::eek:
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supply and demand
I just ordered one from ez softtops for $179 including shipping. Will let you know when I get it how the deal went.
I just ordered one from ez softtops for $179 including shipping. Will let you know when I get it how the deal went.
a boot cover?
EZ Softtops

a boot cover?
I just checked their website and the bootcover is listed for $179 (including clips). I would be very interested in hearing from Steve about quality, fit, etc. too. I've never heard of this company, but that price is WAY less than I've seen for the boot covers from our traditional suppliers.
there is a brown one on ebay last I checked. I bought a used one, dyed it with vinyl paint, repaired a lost smap and bingo, new boot for about $30. Looks new too!
a boot cover?
I think it is the cover for the top when it is down.


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An OEM type canvas top costs more than an OEM type boot for an '84 model. (In '84 Alfa only offered one Spider model, which was the "luxury" Veloce with a standard canvas top and vinyl boot cover.) Now, the OEM boot for a series 3 Quadrifoglio, which was retained for the series 4 Spiders, is much more expensive that the '84 top or '84 boot...

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I have an 82 Spider and the boot had a few tears and broken clips. I found a passable boot on eBay for aboit $125 and traded clips from the old one ot the "newer" one to get a complete set. You can also get replacement clips from International and possibly Centerline. I found that the front "wings" of the boot (up near the doors) tend to come loose while driving and I considered sewing in a couple of metal stays on the front corners of these wings to keep them ridged enough to stand up to the wind. I was going to cut the metal to shaps and then sew vinyl covers cut to shape over the metal pieces, then add strong velcro on both sides for a bettter grip on the body. Does any of this make sense to the "pros" out there?


I got the top boot from ez softops today and it looks very good. It is reasonably thick vinyl with padding around the entire outer edge and all the cips are attached to hook it to the chrome trim ring on the deck; there are also two snaps to attach it to the car pillars and two elastic straps with a metal connector to hold it down. It fit very well. Seems like a great deal at $179.
post a pic once attached. thanks.
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