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Do you top up your oil to the full mark when neccisary?

That doesn't overfill it does it?

Oil change quanities are based on sump oil and filter, then there's an extra number that's used after a teardown and rebuild, as what lays in the cam galleys stays there for almost all eternity until you all but tip the engine over to let it pour out. (as in rebuild)

It simply 'refreshes' itself by new stuff splashing up in as carried by the chain, then it flows back a bit through the drains or timing chest, but there is always a small volume there.

In other words, putting the correct quantity in the sump will get the correct quantity in the engine regardless of the cam galleys, unless they were deliberately drained by some method, in which case you'd have to add more yet. (though I'd reccomend cranking it til the gauge read pressure, then letting it sit about 15 minutes while the oil resettles before marking the dipstick)
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