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Who has the money for this?

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That car is sooooooooo HOT! I'm speachless.


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I am glad its in Texas so that i won't have to race it :p
Looks like a pretty trick twin spark put in a gtv. What kind of hp can this engine make, how does this compare to the GTA twin spark of the early 70's is it any cheaper to build one of these. Anyone know where to get a dual remote oil filter setup like that. Would this engine be Vara legal I'm sure hmsa wouldn't like it.
oooo oooo

Those are my 15x7 panasports on that GTV!!!

Anyways, this guy had a really really nice super, one of the best race ones I've seen. I bet that GTV is built really well and fast. Look at his site, he has documented all of his work, it's very cool & interesting.
c'mon richard, there are quite a few fast 2.5 challenge cars out there...we can take it on.

a customer has that same motor. it's putting out 250 [email protected] this is by far a better design because of the valve angle. that is what killed the alfa's. if only they changed the design of their heads, they coulda got tons of more power outta their cars from 1300 to 2000. that head is way illegal for vara. we already tried. that car could run exhibition with them. the only vintage race group that would take that car is hsr west, they will take anything that has a

let's see where this one goes. period correct vintage race gtv's are changing hands from $25K-$40K out here. these are converted street cars with no real history to them! i am curious to see where this auction ends at.
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