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For starters, does the colored wiring diagram for the '62 Interim Spider which has a 12 fuse and does it also have two small gauges and two large ones? This is a wonderful diagram except when it gets to the wiring for the gauges.

I have a very nice colored one from Doug Abraham 02/27/16 which nicely uses the info on the back of the gauges such as COM, +, 12V, SERB.

This last one has a very clean wiring situation. However the 12 fuse has a number of wires connected to various gauges. For instance the 8 fuse generator light has one wire to it, the 12 generator has three - and it goes on for there.

If there are now four gauges and twelve fuses on the later ones is that my problem and should stick with the lesser wired diagram? Or are there more wires then just the light wiring?
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